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Beautiful Democracy

Copenhagen's hosting the COP-15 meeting, where the chieftans of the planets gather to discuss who pays the bill for... well, global warming so far caused mostly by industrialization in the West (*cough*).

To prevent rock-throwing thrill-seekers from destroying the capital, our beloved right-wing government (and the main opposition party, God help us) rushed the so-called hoodlum bill through parliament to allow "Preventive arrestation" of demonstrators. That means peaceful people who happen to be in the same procession as stone-throwing rioters may be withheld without cause, because the police want to withhold them.

The police are using this bill to the full. Almost every day has its mass arrests. The police line people up on the tarmac and let them wait for hours in the 3-degree celsius weather. And though they usually charge a few people every time, they withhold a lot of innocents to get a few rotten apples. To whit: On Saturday they withheld a Hare Krishna nun and several other members of that order. A nun. Who wore her orange clothing as a sign of one of the most non-violent life-styles known to mankind. *Headdesk* just isn't strong enough. Try *Deskhead*.

Of course, our black-hearted cabinet knows how to spin these arrests -- or so they thought. On national television our Minister for Justice called another mass arrests a success, because the demonstrators were "carrying a bomb". However, it was later revealed that the police had explicitly informed him that they were carrying a suitcase of fireworks. Dangerous? Yes. Cause for arrest? Yes. Bomb? Hell no. And he knew it.

Anyway I wish our chieftans all the best in saving the global climate. I just hope they have better luck in that venture than they do in their democratic efforts.


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Dec. 16th, 2009 08:44 am (UTC)
I hate to say it, but it seems as if politicos' abilities to rise to any occasion seems to rise to the level of Laurel and Hardy running around with a pig's bladder looking for a place to wonk-wonk.

Maybe this is the genius of democracy, you know? Never as good as possible, but never really as bad as possible, either. Um, withholding being better than shooting, I mean, but then you'd have to ask how much will these clowns accomplish regarding the climate--the same could be said for economy, poverty, injustice...

...and why would they bring fireworks, especially given the climate (no pun intended ;)? That's pretty wonky, too.

I think we *mean* well, which is as good an epitaph as any, I suppose.
Dec. 16th, 2009 10:54 am (UTC)
Hey Karen, thanks for commenting :-)

I hadn't thought of Laurel and Hardy (more like Vader and Palpatine...) but I guess politics needs comic relief :-)

And no, bringing fireworks is not a good idea. It's just not the terrorism that the word "bomb" seems to indicate, that's all.
Dec. 17th, 2009 03:42 pm (UTC)
:) Too true.
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