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Writing and Monday Morning Oracle

Seems I'm going through a phase of diversity. I've been writing and revising as well as a lot of different work for hire. Also, I've done a lot of balancing energy for work with energy for writing and the ubiquitous et cetera that comes from living in a house with two children. Most of it is going well, but my online presence has been somewhat down.

I've been revising the novel throughout March, and it's proceeding in good pace. I'm a fifth into it, and so far I'm pretty pleased with what I'm seeing. I know things will be less coherent later on, but it seems I'm the happy owner of a strong beginning.

The next couple of weeks will be focused on another kind of task: the translation of a comprehensive web site from English to Danish. This, too, is work for hire, and should be a fun challenge. Translating is a strange thing because you have to think in two languages at once, which is almost impossible. You have to find the right words, and you also have to keep cultural context in mind. I'll have to keep the readers in mind and write engaging Danish – I can do this because the translation doesn't need to be verbatim. Furthermore, these texts also need to be search engine optimized, which means I'll have to take search terms into consideration as well, because Danish search terms are slightly different from the English ones. Interesting stuff :-)

All in all that means I probably won't get back to novel revisions until sometime after Easter, but for now I'm in an interesting place. And perhaps I can squeeze in a scene or two of the short story that's brewing in the back of my head.

Oh, and since it's Monday Morning, the Oracle is open for business. Any question, silly or serious, will be answered with the utmost dilligence.


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Apr. 4th, 2011 05:27 pm (UTC)
Do you work from home?
Apr. 5th, 2011 02:34 am (UTC)
For the moment, yes, and it seems to be going very well. Last year I had a desk in an office hotel, but there weren't that many people in the place, so I decided to move back home. For variety I sometimes go to a cafe and work. There's a chain of starbucks clones in town where there's both internet and good coffee. That works for me when the walls start to look too familiar :-)
Apr. 5th, 2011 08:59 am (UTC)
That is FANTASTIC! Good for you, Jakob.
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