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Coming Live To You From EuroCon2011

Hey, it's EuroCon time, and I thought I'd do a bit of live blogging, just to let you all know what's going on. With a bit of luck, this post will be updated throughout the day.

15:06 - End of the convention for me. Great GoH speech by Elizabeth Bear to SF, Fantasy and Horror fans. Basically: Why can't we just all get along instead of excluding this and that author or this and that subgenre that we don't like? Made a good case for it, too. Going now, as I have a plane to catch.  

13:29 - Half Time. Great game so far, all teams going on full throttle :-)

A panel on "Myths in SF and Fantasy" turned out to be very interesting. Kari Spelling did some awesome historical Mythbusting on the tropes of Christian Oppressors and Celtic Feminism in the 4th century. M.D. Lachlan and others also spoke at length about myths in modern day, and how they're being used politically -- George W. Bush using Christian myths to present his enemies as devils (whom you can kill and torture and still be good...)

Went to a reading with Swedish writer Nene Ormes, and that was quite an experience. She read in Swedish, which is related to Danish, but not quite so. Consequently, I didn't understand every detail in her reading, but I discovered that my brain would start to fill in the blanks. The story my brain contains right now is probably quite different from the one Nene was reading, but I really don't mind. There's story in my head, so who am I to complain? :-)

11:32 - GOOOOAAAAL. Or that's what it would have said if this were a sportsblog (or if EuroCon hosted a speedball game) The goal in question now was a great reading by Elizabeth Bear, who read "The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe" (from Subterranean #4). I love readings (getting real English into my ears) and it's fun to hear the many different ways people read their stories. Bears style was carefully pronunciated, which made all the great details of the prose come to life.

10:44 - Third day of the Con, and nothing much is going on right this moment, which is why I have time to update :-) The two previous days have been quite different, though. Great writers and entertaining speakers like Charles Stross, Elizabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Anders Fager, Amanda Downum, Cheryl Morgan and many others have made their contributions on very different panels (e.g. Feminist SF. The Craft of Writing the Fantastic.) 

I've also heard a riveting introduciton to exobiology by Jonathan Cowie, and enough opinions on the current state of science fiction to last me... well let's just say, I've been forming opinions myself :-)

And there have been readings in English and Swedish, and many other things. Speaking of which, I'll go find a seat for Elizbeth Bear's reading at 11 AM.
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