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The Reasoning Behind The Next Project

Thanks to all of you who sent me your thoughts about my next writing project. Writing the premises up was a fun and productive way to think ideas through, and your feedback settled some of my doubts. I am going to write 'The Shadow Lens'.

Just not yet. I have a very good idea what Martin, the main character, looks like and what kind of trouble he's going to get in. Other things, such as the 'ghost in the machine'/bad guy aren't nearly as clear to me. It won't be much clearer until I write the story, but I think the story will improve if I let the details stew a little longer before committing them to paper.  

Instead I decided to go with "Evermore Archives". Not because it'll necessarily be a better book, or have a better chance of selling, or because it's the one that's been waiting for me to write it the longest (that would be the humorous/silly fantasy novel). I made this decision because I fell in love with the novel all over again.

Over the past week I've been making and reading notes for all three projects. I have a few chapters of Evermore and the Fantasy Thing, and I had a great brainstorming session for The Shadow Lens. For Evermore I also had a forty-page document with worldbuilding notes and plot summary that I quickly decided were next to worthless.

But the story lurking behind those notes!

After reading the notes, I knew that I wanted Julee Prost to discover the story of Ventibia and the secret of its founding. I wanted him to defy the upsetting role the space ship crew had in mind for him and see him try to forge a lasting peace between the different factions of the planet. And I wanted to see what the arrival of a single space ship could do to upset the balance of power in a society where the majority has denied the truth for two centuries, and the minority has let it fester.

The bottom line is this: A story that I outlined three years ago is coming back to me. It's prodding me with new ideas and showing new character traits and motivation. And I'm absolutely ready to write it.

More project updates should be popping up during NaNoWriMo. For now: Writing awaits.


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Oct. 29th, 2011 06:08 am (UTC)
"because I fell in love with the novel all over again" - always the best reason for writing a story. Long may the love last ...
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