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Old Backstreet Kid Back on the Blog

February was an interesting month with lots of things happening in the Drud household.

We had a brand new set of beds delivered, and sleeping in them is like a dream. [*] A new set of bookcases also arrived, and the upstairs living room is currently filled with cardboard boxes, loose plates and books in piles. On top of that, there were changes on Mrs. D's job that I can't talk about, but they added their own... flavor?... to February.

We also had the woodwork on the south façade of the house replaced. Heavy rainfall in January prompted us to do something about the water seeping in by the windows and possibly through the wooden parts of the wall. The boards were of a 1981 vintage, and the south façade is exposed to a lot of wind and sun, so there was nothing for it but to replace all the wood. The carpenters worked diligently, and as a bonus we can now open the upstairs window. Best of all, by now we don't have to climb a scaffold every third year to paint the woodwork.

On the writing front, I am pleased to report that I finished drafting Evermore Archives last Friday. And, lest I appear too cool about this, I would just like to add:


The novel clocked in at 111.145 words, which includes notes to self about serious issues for the revision. I rather like this story, and with the finished draft on the hard drive, I'm also convinced that I'll have a story worth reading once it's been revised a few times.

For now I'll give the Fringers, Sways, Archivals, and spongefish a rest, though. My next few projects will be to revise a couple of short stories and write a new one, which I think will feature amoebas, evolution, and two old fresh water biologists... And there then are the makings of a novella rattling around my head... and that other novel, which my first readers will report back on soon...

I also have the intention of penning a few blog posts on writing, containing some ruminations on the craft that I came across during my novel foray. And last, but not least, I plan on being a more frequent visitor in the comments of your blog posts. Hope I'll see you all around.
[*] This turn of phrase was brought to you by the department of tacky metaphors.


Mar. 6th, 2012 11:01 am (UTC)

Mar. 6th, 2012 11:11 am (UTC)
Yeah, a good choice of words :-)


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