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Words that matter

For a while I've been wondering how to start this blog. The thing that has held me back is that I want to be sure I have something important to say before I pester the world with words, words, words. Enough people do that already. 

Worse, some people use a slew of unimportant words to do an important job for them. A few nights ago I saw the Danish Minister of Welfare being interviewed on TV. I don't recall the topic--something or other had been neglected by the current administration, and now she was glad to finally have the opportunity to look into it. Blah, blah, blah. She was gushing out words, trying to gloss over administrative negligence and doing her best to make sure the problem/guilt/responsibility didn't stick to her. 

It struck me that this was her strategy that night. By keeping her responses wordy and utterly uninteresting, she managed to make the public forget about the government's neglect. If she had refused to comment, or if she had made a fiery statement putting the blame on somebody else's doorstep, or if she had employed memorable rhetorical phrases, she would only have drawn attention to the matter or goaded the opposition into badgering her. No wonder she just talked. 

And no wonder her eyes were empty.

The point I'm making with all this is of course to look out for politicians with empty eyes, and to defraud them when their hearts aren't behind their words. If we give them our ear when they generate unimportant chatter, they'll only repay us with more of the same. 

But I'm also trying to punctuate the mission I have in this blog: To put as much heart into my posts as I possibly can.


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