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Musings on the Next Novel Project

I've done what I can with 'The Third Transmutation', and though I'm currently working on three different short stories (at 400, 6000 and 12000 words respectively), I'm also getting ready to work on another novel, since that's what writers seem to do.

It seems I have plenty to choose from, so I'm going over the projects one by one.

The first is a novel I drafted in 2011 (seems so long ago…) It's science fiction, space opera/planetary romance, and it's quite heavy on the politics. A genocide took place on this planet, but it seems that not all the disappeared people dies. In fact, they're ready to come back…This idea still intrigues me, but the execution, the plot and the characters are… dull. Sorry, Mr. Writer, but the story you have here just doesn't grab my attention. I've had that reaction from first readers as well, and I know it'll take a humongous rewrite to get the idea to work properly. I think I could, with the right investment of time and words, but I'm running the very real risk of pouring time into a story that simply won't work at all. Need I say I'm wary of going back to this one?

The second is an unfinished but outlined fantasy comedy featuring a very nice but misunderstood high priest of The Temple of The Goddess of Revenge and Retribution. I'm told that humorous fantasy doesn't sell, and I know from experience that it's extremely hard to be funny in writing, but I could have some fun with this project, at least right up until the moment I tried selling it.

The third is an idea for a fantasy book for children/YA. My daughter keeps asking me to write something in Danish, but I'm not sure the story I have in mind is the one she wants to hear. This one is about a poor and possibly mentally ill boy fighting a monster haunting his school through the CCTV network. Based on her reading habits, my daughter seems more likely to fall for a story about magic and animals, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't write this.

The fourth and fifth are ideas too, but both of them tickle my fancy. A murder mystery taking place in an orbital facility, and a story about a dreamwalker who frees people from the monsters plaguing their dreams - and finds out where they keep their treasure in while she's at it. Both those projects have come to me pretty recently as noir-style story ideas, so maybe that's what my soul really wants to work on now?

Last but not least, I have half a NaNoWriMo novel from last November lying around. It didn't turn out too bad, so maybe I'll get back into dealing with an enslaved humanity's future soon.

My course of action will be to figure out which of these projects I'll have the most fun working on, but I'd love to hear from other writers how you pick your next major project? I suppose established writers with agents can pitch projects to see what tickles their fancy, but if you've got another way to make that choice, please share.



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